I was trying to setup OUD Proxy server to proxy request to an Active Directory instance. After configuring the Server Extention, Proxy LDAP Workflow Element, Workflow and Network Group, I received this error when trying to browse the data:

If you get this error, it’s due to Referrals in AD and you need to configure a referral policy for the Network Group in use. I am setting my policy to discard referrals (follow did not work, and I didn’t try forward)

./dsconfig -h localhost -p 5444 -D "cn=Directory Manager" -j pwd-file -X -n create-network-group-qos-policy --group-name network-group  --type referral --set referral-policy:discard

Note that pwd-file is a textfile containing the password. If you want to visually do this, you can by using these menus in ./dsconfig:

  • 1)  General Configuration 
  • 11)  Network Group
  • 5)  >>>> QOS Policy management menu