If you’re using OIM R2PS2 with Chrome, you may have noticed a little very very annoying bug at login. You’ll enter your credentials in the OIM Login screen, click Sign In, and be directed right back at the login screen w/o any indication of an error or anything. You know the credentials are correct and it’s not a typo.

OIM Login Loop

I filled an SR with Oracle about this and they finally updated me that a patch is available. Log into support.oracle.com and in the Patches and Updates section search for patch 19271994.

This patch will look like a JDeveloper patch but I confirmed with Oracle that it isn’t just that:

 The base Bug for the issue is in the ADF component used internally by the product. The ADF patches are typically released as “JDeveloper” patches when a product allows for the use of JDeveloper in creating display elements. That way, the design time fix is in the environment where you perform the design as well as the run time. 

So, the patch inside the “oui” folder should be applied in the run time environment to your “common” home, that is: Where OIM_HOME is at $MW_HOME/Oracle_IDM1, the “common” home would be $MW_HOME/oracle_common. Then, you would also need to apply the patch in design time to JDeveloper (which is used to develop custom task flows or other OIM/SOA deployments for OIM) using the patch in the “sa” folder in the patch. 

I’ve also seen this issue in other consoles (APM, maybe OAM) but I didn’t don’t recall for sure. If it’s an ADF issue, and it will undoubtably affect other apps and this fix should take care of that.