If you do any kind of semi-advanced OIM work, you’ve undoubtably encoutered having to edit MDS files. I personally always found the OOTB process rather cumbersome; different scripts for different operations, properties files, etc…

A while ago I came across this amazing tool called oimtool, which has a lot of very useful features, some of which include the ability to edit the MDS. I highly recommend this tool and you can find it on http://idmclub.wikidot.com/oimtool.

I wanted to go even a step further and have a GUI tool that allows me to quickly connect, find and edit a document in the MDS, so I wrote MDSEdit. In its current version it’s very simplistic and only allows you to edit existing MDS documents, no creation or deletion, though these features will be coming soon.

You can download it here: MDSEdit v1.2

Special thanks to Vladimir Tsichevski for letting me use some of the code from oimtool.

UPDATE: You can create a shortcut or launch script and pass in the following arguments to save connection details:

java -Duser=DEV_MDS -Dpass=Password1234 -Dconn=dbhost1.companycom:1521:ORCL -jar MDSEdit.jar